Aqua zone

  • multipurpose pool with water attractions (16.5 x 8 m)
  • paddling pool for small children
  • integrated circular whirlpool with massage jets
  • outdoor individual massage whirlpool
  • Aqua bar with a wide range of drinks and cocktails


  • salt therapy, aroma steam therapy, laconium, tepidarium, herbal sauna
  • Finnish sauna and plunge pool
  • experience and massage showers
  • Kneipp therapy
  • heated bench and relaxation room for regeneration
  • rooftop whirlpool in natural greenery with open sky view


Herbal sauna

A mixture of steam and aromatic essences helps to relieve mental and physical tension. It has a particularly positive effect on the respiratory system and skin. The steam, in combination with a mixture of herbs, also opens pores and flushes out toxins for a radiant complexion and soft velvety skin. The temperature is in the range of 60 – 70°C with relative humidity of 25%.


In the tepidarium, the heat radiates from the heated walls, floor and benches into the interior. This sauna is designed for clients who want to rest and relax their bodies and boost their immune system. The air temperature is about 37°C.


The low-temperature sauna is a suitable alternative for those who suffer from cardiovascular problems and who should avoid classic sauna. Bask in the pleasant heat, while relaxing your muscles and removing toxins from the body. Sauna temperature reaches 55 – 65°C with 27 – 70% humidity.

Aroma steam therapy

The high humidity and the presence of aromatic essences are beneficial for the respiratory system and skin. The therapy also contributes to muscle regeneration and relieves fatigue. Last but not least, the aroma steam treatment makes you feel relaxed and invigorated. The temperature is 42 – 45°C with 100% humidity.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna has been a proven form of relaxation for centuries. The sauna helps to provide stress relief and it can help improve sleep and treat insomnia. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system, flushes out toxins that build up in the body and strengthens it against infections and colds. The sauna reaches a temperature of about 80 – 100°C. Air humidity is usually very low, approximately 15%.

Salt therapy

The salt therapy allows the inhalation of mineral salts dispersed in the air, thereby stimulating blood circulation and reducing breathing difficulties. The salt-steam room is heated to a much milder temperature than a sauna, i.e. 26 – 32°C with relative humidity of 45 – 70%.

Kneipp therapy

Private Wellness

  • massage bathtub and shower with tropical rain
  • steam therapy
  • relaxation room with TV
  • relaxation in privacy for two or for a family with small children
  • massage or Pure Fiji ritual as an added luxury for private relaxation

Nighttime wellness

A rooftop whirlpool and private wellness are available for private bookings from 9 pm to 5 am throughout the week.

Rooftop whirlpool – nighttime relaxation under the stars

Indulge in the wellness experience under the stars at night. The rooftop whirlpool surrounded by natural greenery is an original place for private relaxation sessions of up to 8 people. The colour treatment of chromotherapy can be fully enjoyed only at night. A complementary bottle of sparkling wine and fresh fruits are a suitable accompaniment to the whole experience.

Private wellness – the magic of midnight relaxation for two

Extraordinary relaxation in the unique intimate atmosphere of private wellness can also be enjoyed from 9 pm to 5 am. The following amenities are situated in the private part of the wellness centre: a massage shower, a massage bathtub, a steam therapy, a massage table, a TV and relaxation room.


Massages & Pure Fiji rituals & galvanic spa treatment

Take a break in today's busy world and let yourself be pampered with pleasant and healing hands while enjoying the relaxing silence and peace. Massage greatly reduces or eliminates pain, contributes to muscle recovery and stimulates energy. Getting a massage positively affects mood and improves well-being.


Spa massage

Massage is one of the oldest and most popular regeneration procedure with positive effects on pain relief and recovery of muscle strength. Massage therapy also boosts energy levels and addresses fatigue.

Benefits: Overall relaxation of muscle tension, removal of spinal blockages, stimulation of the lymphatic system, cell regeneration and induction of total body relaxation. Regular massages prevent pain and back problems.

Hot stone massage

This practice is one of the best therapies to relax the body by using special massage touches and by placing smooth, flat, heated stones on specific parts of the body. Heat radiating from the stones penetrates deep (up to 3 cm) into muscles and tissues.

Benefits: Hot stone massage relaxes muscles and soft tissues, helps to alleviate pain (headaches, rheumatic pain, cramps) and detoxifies the body. It also improves sleep patterns, blood and lymph circulation, reduces stress, promotes calm, relaxation and restoration and increases the range of motion in joints.

Aroma massage

For centuries, people have appreciated the healing properties and beneficial effects of aromatic plants and their natural oils. These strong essential oils are a gift of nature for the soul and body. This relaxing and refreshing massage helps to remove stress, fatigue (caused especially by overwork) and strengthens body regeneration. It also encourages blood flow and the movement of lymph fluids around the body.

Benefits: The aroma massage nourishes, softens and revitalizes the skin, harmonizes the hormonal system, has a calming effect on excess mental and physical strain, slows down aging and helps to treat skin conditions, such as eczema and acne.

Cupping therapy

Cupping, which originated in ancient China, is most often used as a complementary method of classical massages. It is a form of alternative medicine in which local suction is created on the skin by applying heated glass cups of different shape and size to the client’s body. When the hot cup is placed on the skin, the air inside the cup cools and creates a vacuum that draws the skin and muscle upward into the cup. Subsequently, the skin turns red as the blood vessels respond to the change in pressure.

Benefits: Cupping is used in the treatment of many types of muscle tension and spinal blockages. It is used to relieve pain and treat post-traumatic conditions.

Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology foot massage is a common and beneficial preventive method to help treat various conditions. In reflexology, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot. As these points correspond to organs and areas of the body, weakened organs can be detected and potential illnesses prevented.

Benefits: Reflexology foot massage releases blockages in the legs and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. It improves blood flow in the legs and lymphatic circulation while speeding up the detoxification process of the body. The massage has therapeutic and preventive effects on muscles, joints, spinal problems, headache; it may also help with indigestion and excretion problems.

Foot massage

Foot massage includes a massage of the calves, ankles, insteps, toes and soles and has been frequently used to improve health and relax the body and soul. The massage is an ideal therapy for legs with a tendency to develop varicose veins.

Benefits: Foot massage prevents frequent swelling, cold feet and arthritis. It helps alleviate stress and pain (such as PMS and menstrual pain) and helps to release energetic blockages in the body.

Hand-lifting facial massage & mask

Hand-lifting facial is a popular massage because of its quickly discernable effects. Although we cannot prevent the natural aging process, simple and systematic massage techniques combined with a mask can slow it down. Facial massages increase circulation to your facial tissue, resulting in brighter, youthful looking skin. As an added benefit, a good facial massage reduces stress, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Pregnancy oil massage

Beneficial effects of this massage can be enjoyed during pregnancy. Massages for pregnant women are used to alleviate pregnancy problems, such as back pain and contribute to overall well-being. This massage has a positive effect on the health of the future mother and baby. Neck and thoracic spine massage as well as foot massage are especially recommended during pregnancy.

Benefits: The pregnancy oil massage relieves headaches and nausea, improves sleep, strengthens muscle function in the most strained areas of the back, reduces stress and tension and encourages the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Children's massage

Children's massages are becoming increasingly popular. Such a massage pleasantly stretches the entire body and calms the nervous system. It stimulates and improves blood circulation, which affects the functioning of organs. It improves breathing, helps with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and attention deficit problems. It relieves sports stress, teaches a child to rest and relax. The emotional benefit is also very significant – it affects sensory perception, evokes a feeling of peace, well-being and safety, improves communication and harmony in the family.

Pure Fiji rituals  

The unique Pure Fiji spa rituals reflect the beauty, spirit and traditions of Fiji. During the exotic treatments 100% natural Pure Fiji cosmetics are used to embrace the gifts of nature and the uniqueness of Fiji. In selected rituals, hot stones or sugar cane crystals are used to relax the body and soul. Your skin is hydrated with luxurious exotic oils and coconut butter.

  • Coconut wave ritual
  • Fiji ritual
  • Honey detox with foot wrap
  • Pure Fiji natural cosmetics are available at the reception


Galvanic facial

This cosmetic treatment uses soft galvanic electrical current to generate vibration for stimulating, refreshing and rejuvenating your skin.

The galvanic treatment works to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the face, acts as a cleanser for the skin and helps remove impurities. The treatment makes the skin firmer and hydrated, increases skin elasticity making the skin smooth and regenerated. Fine lines, wrinkles as well as dark circles and under-eye bags will be noticeably reduced.

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